Which Kitchen Design Layout is Right for You?

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Kitchen design layout will give big impact to your performance and the way you socialize in the kitchen. When you create the layout, you must consider how big the allocated space is and how to arrange the kitchen appliances, cabinet, counter, chairs, island, windows, doors, etc. There are several layouts that have been considered as the most common layout. We are going to look at those layouts and see the pros and cons of each layouts. Have a look.

Impressive Kitchen Decor Using Rustic Wooden Cabinet and Bar Table also Modern Lighting

One-wall kitchen

1. Suit for small space.
2. Easy to reach all kitchen appliances.
3. Easy to clean.

1. Do not have enough space to multitask.
2. Limited storage space.

Galley kitchen

1. Suit for small space.
2. Provide enough space to multitask.
3. The best layout for big cooking.

1. Limited access to socialize with other people.
2. There is no space for kitchen table and chairs.
3. Limited space for traffic.
4. It gives closed-in feeling.

U-shaped kitchen

1. Provide social interaction to other people outside the kitchen,
2. While still keep them from the main cooking area.
3. Enough space for more than one cook working together.

1. There is no space for kitchen table and chairs.
2. It is hard to address the placement of big size kitchen appliances.

Stunning Kitchen With Cabinet also Refrigerator plus Microwave and Stove

U-shaped kitchen with an island

1. Increases kitchen functionality.
2. Allow the cook to keep socialize with other people in the other room.
3. Have enough space for two people maneuvering in the kitchen.

1. It need bigger space to build the layout

G-shaped kitchen

1. It suit for the kitchen that do not have enough space for an island but still want to maximize the space.
2. Provide room for few guests sitting in the kitchen.

1. The fourth leg create an annoying obstacle for people to walk in and out the kitchen.

L-shaped kitchen

1. Fit to all kitchen sizes.
2. Allow multiple cooks working together in kitchen.
3. Allow social interaction between the cook and family member or guests.

1. The cook will give his back to the other room while working.

L-shaped kitchen with an island

1. Allow multiple cooks working together in kitchen
2. Allow social interaction between the cook and family member or guests.
3. If an island is set to be cooking zone, the cook can still entertain the guests or talk to family members while cooking.
4. Kitchen can be divided into few different zones.

Seeing those most common kitchen layout, have you decided which kitchen design layout is right for you?

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