Table Centerpiece Ideas for Decorating Cheaply

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To get the best table centerpiece ideas, you don’t have to be a professional. You can make the centerpiece decoration cheap but beautiful like the items sold in store by using basic craft supplies like ribbons and glue. You should have some time and careful works to make the DIY centerpiece looks beautiful and professional.

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Making Flower Bouquet from Papers

With a good skill of crafting, you can make a bouquet of flowers from tissue papers, floral wires as well as some basic supplies for crafting. You can search some sources of information that provide the steps to make beautiful paper flowers by yourself. Make the flowers in different colors so you can arrange then inside a small vase to become a rounded bouquet. Add more lush foliage from green papers.

Vase from Fresh Fruits

If a clear glass vase has been too often to become table centerpiece ideas, you can make it more special and colorful by filling the vase with fresh fruit cuts. Clean the large vase well and then cut assorted fruits in different colors and then fill them inside the vase. Mix the fruit types and colors in layers to create beautiful color combination. Then add cold water into the vase with fruits filling to keep the freshness of the fruits and create sparkling look.

Pillar Candles with Glitters

If the common candles and the tin can are too basic for the centerpiece, then make it more special by spraying some glitters. Choose clean can and candles and then cover the surface with glitter sprays. Let them dry and then spray the second coating of glitter to create perfect sparkles. Let them dry completely. Take a sheer white ribbon to tie around the top of can. Then slide the candle to the sparkling holder and then position them as the centerpiece.

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Bouquet of Harvest

Wildflowers and plants on the road sides will also be great table centerpiece ideas. All you need is picking the flowers and then gather them to create an earthy centerpiece. Use a wicker vase or water pitcher as the vase in simple look.

Painted Flowers Centerpiece

If you have some tacky plastic flowers, then you can make reuse them by repaint the flowers with spraying paint. It will renew the flowers that can be used as cheap and elegant centerpiece on the table. Choose the plastic flowers that are still in good condition and then spray them with gold color paint. Do the coloring twice to get perfect result. Let the paint dry. Slide the flowers into gold or silver vase so it becomes a bouquet and then make it as a centerpiece.

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